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New logo, New branding

QUEBEC,  01 January, 2021

By Kim Decary

In its early days, Lao identified itself as a micro tea brewery with a slightly squarer and fizzy image.

With time and experience, Lao Kombucha’s image has been slowly modified and refined to make room for the world of sommeliers, taste profiles, and specific glasses for each drink.

However, the values and ingredients of the company had not changed. But the perception and understanding of the company had.

So it was time to put into images what really defines the Lao brand: Timeless, Premium, Transparent, Simple & Honest

With the help of a Montreal agency, we completely revamped our image.

Having been leaning towards black in our communications for a few years now, they helped us redesign our entire image, from the logo to the labels.

With them, we introduced a first in the world of kombucha, the taste profiles.

You can now find on the front of our labels, the specific taste profile for each of our flavors.

That is to say: Floral, Fruity, Herbal, Rustic or Aromatic.

Lao's first branding style
Lao's rebranding

This project was funded through the Proximity Program, implemented under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, according to an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.