Launched August 10, 2022

An unexpected collaboration

This is not kombucha… This is KOMBUGIN!
🍹It tastes like heaven and transports you to the tropics in just one sip!
Lao Kombucha

When gin meets Kombucha, the story of an unexpected collaboration.

QUeBEC,  August 11, 2022

By Kim Decary

Two Quebec City companies, Lao Kombucha and Distillerie Stadaconé, have joined forces to create the first Canadian ready-to-drink cocktail made with kombucha and gin. Launched on August 10th in very limited quantities, it’s unanimous, everyone loves the taste and smell. Even non-kombucha drinkers.

In 2019 an unexpected encounter with Lao Kombucha leads Jean-Pierrefounder of Dsitillerie Stadaconé, to register the name “Kombugin“. Already, one could feel the strength that would unite the two companies through this common goal of creating innovative beverages. 

It is only a few years later that the two companies are finally ready to complete this project that has been simmering for so long. 

Stadaconé’s exotic gin, being a favorite of the Lao Kombucha team, inspired the creation of a custom kombucha that supports the exotic flavors of this gin. Like other Lao Kombucha products, this one is also a surprising blend, not too sweet, with well-defined flavors. What more pleasing way to pair mango and passion fruit with the slightly peppery taste of black gin! It’s a trip to the tropics with every sip.

The launch of the kombugin drew a huge crowd on August 10th, and over 1000 cans were sold out in just 2 hours. The results of a survey express a strong interest in the taste, design and concept of Kombugin. 

A first small production run was produced for the launch and also to test the market. 

Currently, the Kombugin is priced at $15/4 cans and is only sold at the Stadaconé Distillery. Discussions are underway with the SAQ to bring the product in to join Gingria and Mojigin, other ready-to-drink products from Stadaconé.

Lao’s Kombuchas are available in more than 400 outlets across the province, including Avril Supermarket, IGA, Metro, and many other grocery stores and restaurants.