Gin Tonique

A pairing of Stadaconé Blue gin, and Lao Boreal Tonic kombucha. The flavors of juniper berries and dune pepper, which are found in both products, are simply divine. This cocktail transports us to the great northern forests and invites us to feel the striking freshness of the fir tree.

Gin Tonique



You will need an old fashioned glass and ice.

At Lao, we like to do things differently, which is why this recipe is not precise.  We’ve tried many different additions, amounts and mixes, and the result is always delicious, as long as it has the two main ingredients, Stadaconé Bleu and Lao Kombucha Boreal Tonic.

  • So if you want a softer cocktail, opt for 1 oz of gin and lengthen with the kombucha.
  • For a stronger cocktail, put 2 oz of gin and tap a fir branch before placing it in your glass. Top up with kombucha.
  • For a little more bitterness, add a splash of lime juice.
  • Have fun adapting the cocktail to your taste!

Enjoy, and drink responsibly!

Lao kombucha, premium, canada, quebec, montreal, fermented tea, thé

Tasting notes - Boreal Tonic

The velvety texture of this Taiwanese Wulong tea seduces by its richness. A perfect foundation for this kombucha that expresses itself with notes of candied lemon, dill, cotton candy and pepper. Its grand presence persists all the way to the end with a finish that offers a hint of salinity and a touch of freshness.


Tasting notes - Stadaconé Bleu

Breathe in the great outdoors and savour the sensation of freedom felt by the first Europeans in America. With its aromas of Labrador tea and wintergreen, our gin conjures up the dim coolness of the boreal underbrush from the days of the coureurs des bois (woodsmen). To the nose, an elegant freshness evokes hints of boreal forest undergrowth. The flavour is clear with peppery notes for a smooth and supple finish in the mouth.