The solution for your bottling and co-packing needs

Lao beverage copacking services

Are you about to launch a beverage? Is your beverage already on the market and you’re expanding rapidly? Would you like to outsource the production of your beverages to a manufacturer? Lao has the solution for your special needs.

Call it what you will; beverage production and bottling, beverage co-manufacturing, food processing subcontracting, contract bottling, private label beverage, etc. Lao will be happy to produce your unique beverages, right here in Quebec.

With a creative team, the production and bottling possibilities are endless.

Founded in 2016, Lao has evolved greatly over the past few years. Jonathan, Kim and Philippe, 3 spirited entrepreneurs, are always pushing the boundaries of the food industry, innovating in terms of products, production methods and bottling technology.

Non-alcoholic drinks (mocktails)

Iced tea, kombucha, lemonade

Sports drinks, juices, etc.

Fermented beverages

Pasteurized beverages

Carbonated and still beverages

Glass bottles (355 ml – 750 ml)

Plastic bottles

Cans (coming soon…)

The greatest expertise in custom and co-packing bottling in Quebec City.

2025 expansion project

The Lao production plant is currently undergoing major expansion, with a view to relocating in early 2025.

Our production and bottling capacity for your beverages will therefore be greatly increased very soon.

The next plant is in the development phase, so now is the best time to talk about your custom bottling projects.

We’re ready to work with you to make your project a reality: bottle types, closure types, volume forecasts and unique production specifications.

More certifications to come in the new plant (like GFSI) to meet the high standards of all our customers.